24 Jul 2020

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       The International Studies Centre (ISC) is an affiliated unit of the Devawongse Varopakarn Institute of Foreign Affairs (DVIFA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. It was established in April 1987 by the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Air Chief Marshal Siddhi Savetsila, with Ambassador Phan Wannamethee, a former Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, as its first Director.

       For the first two decades of its establishment, the ISC carried out many activities, such as lectures and seminars involving officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other government agencies, academic community, business sector, as well as journalists and civil society representatives. It also established cooperation and network with domestic and foreign institutions, notably in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China. However, the ISC later became inactive and some of its functions were taken over by other units in the Ministry.

       With changing global and regional landscape and pressing international issues, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided in 2019 to revive ISC to serve as a link to the wider foreign affairs community, both in Thailand and abroad.

       ISC’s mission is to encourage studies and analyses of relevant policies and issues in various aspects of international affairs, including foreign policy, international economics, international law, and international and regional organizations as well as to create opportunities for policy and issue related to conduct of foreign policy. ISC also aims to promote public awareness and understanding of major foreign policy issues.